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On Trend: High Waisted Jeans


On Trend: High Waisted Jeans


Some people say that curvier girls shouldn’t wear high waisted jeans or dress pants. Those people are wrong.

Just like skinny jeans, and pretty much every kind of pant, the cut, fit, and size are what make a pair of jeans work for your body shape.

The “ideal” shape for high waisted jeans is a straighter silhouette, because they emphasize your butt, hips, and thighs. If you’re a bit straighter, then these are a great way to add some curve to your hips, especially when paired with a belt and a tighter top.

But they also are a great type of jean if you’re bigger on top; when paired with a blouse that doesn’t have detail on the shoulders or neck (ruffles, epaulettes, etc.), they can balance out your shape and create a great silhouette. 

If you’re like myself, and are bigger on the bottom, then a pair of high waisted jeans look best when paired with a blazer or light jacket; the layering also helps balance out your shape without print/decoration heavy tops.

The high waist tends to cut off your torso, so if you’re a bit on the shorter side, the lower on the waist you want to go; there are lower high waisted jeans and “petite” sizes tend to make up for this. If you’re going to find a great pair made for your shape, size, and height without tailoring, you’ll have a much better chance with Plus Size boutiques and chains, since retailers that offer both tend to just ramp up the size without altering the fit as necessary.

High waisted jeans are not quite casual, and not quite business, and perfect for when your regular jeans seem too casual, and dress pants feel too dressy. They look best with a heel or wedge, and looser tops with no print or a modern cut can give the overall look a nice 70’s feel, just be wary of vintage accessories that might go a bit too overboard.

The most important thing with a high waisted jean is to try on as many as possible, and make sure you sit down in them when trying them on. If the waist has little stretch, it can feel great standing up and be a cage when sitting down. 

Two fabulous examples of curvy girls pulling off the high waisted jean:

Girl With Curves - Posted today and the inspiration for this post, GwC rocks the high waisted jeans from top to bottom.

Stylish Curves - Savonne on Stylish Curves posted this last year, but it’s still relevant. Pairing the jeans with a colourful top with a subtle print, and the personality is completely different but just as fabulous.


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